4 Cost-Effective Reasons for Construction Site Portable Restrooms

Portable Toilets

Overseeing a construction job is a position that costs a hefty amount of expendable funds. From equipment to paying the right people to get the job done, the process as a whole can be an expensive one, and saving money wherever you can is a great way to allocate funds to the right sectors.

One way to save money at your construction site is through porta potty rentals for all of your bathroom needs. Here are four reasons why your porta potty rental and their costs will save your project money where it counts.

Increase in Productivity

You’d be surprised how much productivity can be lost without a porta potty rental on-site. Workers have to look for restrooms off-site, disrupt community relations, and could even be subject to having to pay for restroom use.

In the end, all of these issues result in costing you more money when productivity runs low and deadlines run the risk of not being met.

OSHA Requirements are Met

Depending on the size of your project, OSHA may require you to have a number of on-site portable restrooms for your workers. These types of ordinances may also be in effect depending on the specific county and city codes that are in place where your project is located.

By not following these ordinances and failing to rent portable restrooms, your site could face either large fines or a complete shutdown. Either way, this is money and time that could have been saved had portable toilets been on-site during your project.

Save Money in General

Portable toilets are simply an extremely cost-effective way to satisfy human needs on a construction site project. They are ideal because they provide your employees with the peace-of-mind that they need to have access to a clean toilet for a price that won’t break the bank.

Also, with increased productivity, you eliminate the risk of missing deadlines and costing the site more money.

Respecting the Environment

Finally, you can save money by simply not having to pay for waste treatment plant fees every time a toilet flushes on your construction site. Instead of using gallons of water per flush, think of how you can impact the surrounding environment in a positive way by implementing portable restrooms on your site.

Save Money at Your Site Today with Got To Go Solutions

Don’t let your construction site lose money because of small mistakes like lacking access to a portable toilet. At Got To Go Solutions we serve several Texas communities and provide a number of different types of units for construction sites and event planners to rent.

If you are a construction site manager that needs to meet OSHA requirements and wants to save money on portable toilet rentals contact us today. We will be happy to discuss the unit and price that will fit your project’s size and budget.

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