Portable Sinks and Handwashing Stations

Got To Go Solutions is your portable and temporary sanitation partner in North Texas, and our hand washing stations are a useful addition to your porta potty service. Not only can you provide guests with convenient hand washing options even when there are no traditional bathrooms available, but you can also use our portable sinks in a variety of environments, from school and healthcare to agriculture and industry.

Cleanliness can improve the safety of your worksite and employees, and it can also improve the personal experiences of people attending your special event. Hand washing stations are convenient and affordable, and they can help you customize the portable toilets, trash, and sanitation services you order from Got To Go Solutions.

Popular Locations for Our Hand Washing Station Rentals

We’ve served clients across the region and have installed our hand washing stations at a variety of businesses serving many industries.

Some of the most popular places we’ve installed our hand washing stations, as well as our other portable sanitation products include:

  • Agriculture and farming
  • Commercial settings
  • Outdoor construction projects
  • Local farmers markets
  • Seasonal festivals

These are just a few of the industries and venues where clients have found our hand washing stations to be an indispensable part of their rental and service package from Got To Go Solutions. With more than 15 years of experience, we can advise you on whether hand washing stations will enhance your commercial, residential, agricultural, or industrial setting, as well as whether you might want to include other products or services with your order.

For example, if you’re hosting a music festival that will occur over a long weekend, you may wish to include hand washing stations alongside your porta potty rentals. While you can choose standard hand sanitizing stations for your porta potties, the addition of hand washing stations can improve the experience of participants at your festival, as well as the guests scheduled to attend.

Our Hand Washing Stations Work Indoors, Too

You might associate hand washing stations with outdoor facilities where it’s necessary to provide basic sanitation services to employees, customers, or visitors, but our hand washing stations may also prove useful inside. If you’re hosting a catering event, a hand washing station can improve the efficiency of your employees when they can wash their hands in a convenient location rather than heading to the bathroom to wash their hands.

Our Portable Sinks Can Also Provide a Service to You in the Following Areas:

  • Food service areas
  • Healthcare units
  • Medical facilities
  • School classrooms

Even if the area where you’re working has running water, you may wish to consider the benefits of a portable sink. As your full-service portable sanitation partner, we can provide the portable sink rentals you need, as well as the bulk water deliveries that you may require. We can provide bulk water delivery for your sinks on a temporary or permanent schedule.

Portable Sink Rentals from Got To Go Solutions

We offer more than fifteen years of experience providing business owners and residents of North Texas with affordable toilets, water delivery, and portable sink rentals. If you have questions about how our hand washing stations can help you at your construction site, school, or festival, contact us for a service quote or for more information about our rental and water delivery options.

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Portable Sink Rentals from Got To Go Solutions

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