Units With Hand Sanitizer

Modern porta potties offer a clean and hygienic option in areas where traditional toilets are unavailable, and you may wish to consider porta potty rental units with hand sanitizers to increase the convenience and sanitation level of your construction work site, county fair, or other special event.

Got To Go Solutions provides comprehensive portable restroom rentals and all services associated with portable sanitation to the residents of Fort Worth, Denton, Weatherford, Decatur, Henrietta, Montague, and Jacksboro, as well as many other Texas communities. We’re committed to providing you with the most affordable and efficient portable restrooms and units with hand sanitizers.

Hand Sanitizers and Porta Potty Rentals

A small event might require nothing more complicated than a single porta potty rental, and no gathering is too small for us to provide portable restroom rentals. However, even if you only expect twenty-five people at your family reunion, you might want to consider adding hand sanitizers to your porta potty rental. Ensure your family members can enjoy their afternoon with the extra cleanliness provided by porta potties with hand sanitizers.

Similarly, our hand sanitizer units may prove useful in areas where dirt and grime are everywhere and create a rather dirty environment. For example, a construction site will usually have copious amounts of dirt everywhere, and your workers may appreciate the availability of hand sanitizer units. Before taking a break for lunch, employees can sanitize their hands and not worry about dirt and dust in their food.

Do I Need Hand Sanitizers or a Portable Sink?

A decision you may need to make when arranging your portable restroom rental service is whether you will provide hand washing stations or units with hand sanitizers to your guests or employees. The decision may depend on the length of time you require portable restroom services, as well as the users of the toilets.

Ask yourself these questions:

  • Will simple hand sanitizers provide the right level of cleanliness for guests, or will they be more comfortable with portable sinks?
  • Will people appreciate the speed and convenience of using hand sanitizers more than they might care to spend time washing their hands in a traditional sink?

Each client who comes to us for portable toilet rentals will have different needs, and our fifteen years of experience will help you decide what setup will prove the most effective and useful for your event. You may decide the efficiency of our hand sanitizers will offer the best experience, or you might decide an upgrade to hand washing stations might be best.

Let us help you decide how many sanitation units you need and what type will work best for your event.

Got To Go Solutions Offers Competitively Priced Porta Potties & Hand Sanitizers

If you’re a veteran of portable restroom rentals, you know how convenient these units are and how useful the addition of hand sanitizer can become in multiple environments. From schools to construction sites, our porta potty rentals in Dallas and its surrounding communities are ideal for short-term, long-term, and permanent placement.

Not sure how many porta potty rentals you need or whether units with hand sanitizers might work for you? Contact us today for more details on our units, as well as for porta potty rental prices and our additional portable sanitation resources.

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<strong>Got To Go Solutions Offers Competitively</strong> Priced Porta Potties & Hand Sanitizers

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