Portable Hand Washing Station Rental

When you rent a porta potty for your event or work site, you may wish to include additional services like a hand washing station. Got To Go Solutions provides comprehensive portable sanitation services across the Fort Worth area and West Texas region with excellently maintained porta potties, convenient hand washing stations, and a variety of other types of rentals.

Portable Hand Washing Station & Porta Potty Rental

Sometimes called a “portable sink,” a hand washing station from our portable sanitation business may provide your guests or employees the additional sanitary options they need beyond a traditional hand sanitizer within the porta potty rental unit. There are benefits to adding a hand washing station to your arrangement of portable restrooms is easy and is an excellent addition to a commercial setting or industrial site.

Ensure Efficient Portable Sanitation With Got To Go Solutions

Porta Potty & Hand Washing Station Rental

One of the benefits of adding a portable hand washing station to your porta potty rental is that it can increase the rate at which your guests can use the toilets. A basic hand sanitizer in each unit is convenient, but a person who uses the toilet will exit sooner with an exterior hand washing unit than they might in a unit that provides hand sanitation within the porta-potty.

If you expect a reasonable level of traffic using the porta-potties, a handwashing station can help keep the lines moving when things get busy. A hand washing station can also give particularly dusty or dirty sites the extra sanitation needed so that visitors or employees can enjoy clean hands whether they’ve just visited the toilet or have been working in a dirty environment all day.

Here are the Top 3 of the reasons our clients choose handwashing stations for their portable sanitation needs:

1. Food Prep Cleanliness:

Most states require that certain types of employees wash their hands, and the Texas Department of Health and Human Services suggests that regular hand washing is the best way to reduce the spread of infection and disease. A hand washing station rental can help employees who work with food remain hygienic in any temporary, outdoor environment.

2. Good Hygiene:

Offering your guests, visitors, or employees a convenient hand washing station can help keep them healthy, as well as keep the work site clean. Although some sites may become quite dirty no matter what steps you take, the availability of a handwashing station can provide a small amount of comfort to employees who must work in dirty conditions.

3. Excellent Equipment:

We provide our clients with the highest quality and cleanest units available, from handwashing stations and porta-potties to restroom trailers and holding tank rentals. Never worry about whether your portable toilets and handwashing stations are clean; we work diligently to maintain all equipment to the highest possible standards.

It’s easy to improve the morale of your employees and the enjoyment of your guests when you provide extra portable sanitation features like hand washing stations. When you call us for porta potty services, we’ll let you know whether our added features might improve the success of your project.

Hand Washing Stations from Got To Go Solutions

Are you in need of portable sanitation for your upcoming festival? Do you need hand washing stations for your guests at an outdoor wedding? Would you like to improve the cleanliness of your construction site? Hand washing stations from Got To Go Solutions are an ideal accompaniment to your porta potty rental.

Contact us today to see how we can provide you with clean and hygienic portable toilets for your event, worksite, festival, concert, or party. We’re the portable sanitation experts in Dallas-Fort Worth, North Texas & West Texas, and we’re ready to help you make your event a success.

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