Special Event Trailer Rental

Your special event likely requires you to make several important decisions on services like portable sanitation, catering, and special event trailer rental service companies.

Got To Go Solutions is your full-service partner for mobile restroom rentals for special events. Not only can we provide all facets of your portable sanitation needs, but we can also enhance your event with high-quality, spacious, and cost-effective luxury restroom trailers.

From major events like county fairs to weekend events like weddings, our special event trailers are ideal for needs like mobile offices, changing rooms, and ticket booths. Our trailers are perfect for many industries including construction, education, and special events. For example, you might want to provide a covered and central location for the purchase of merchandise at your music festival, or you might want to make trailers available as changing rooms for your performers.

Special event trailer rentals from Got To Go Solutions are an essential part of your event. We’ll arrive on time for your event and ensure a complete setup.

Improve Your Event With a Special Event Trailer

Versatile and affordable, our special event trailers are an easy and excellent addition to your plans. We’ll deliver and set up your trailer at a time you prefer, and we’ll remove the trailer when it’s no longer needed. We can provide a special event trailer as part of a comprehensive package for event services like portable sanitation, bulk water delivery, and other rentals, or we can provide a single trailer for your use.

Here are 4 ways for how to  use our special event trailers:

1. Food & concessions

If you’re hosting art, music, or other types of weekend festival where participants may spend several hours wandering the grounds, you may need to provide food to ensure attendees can make the most of their visit.

2. Changing & make-up

If you’re hosting a special event with performers, you may need to provide them with a place to change and apply makeup. Similarly, you may wish to provide trailers for people to change after a wedding and before the reception begins.

3. Ticket & merchandise

A special event trailer provides secure storage for items you plan to sell at your special event, and it also provides a covered area from which to conduct sales. A trailer is an ideal option for special events held in the summer or during inclement weather.

4. Construction sites

Any major construction project will require a permanent trailer on-site to conduct business. We can provide a simple event trailer that can house a few pieces of furniture or multiple trailers that will provide a workspace for your team.

Do you have questions about our special event trailers or whether we can provide the size or type of trailer you need for your special event? We’ve been providing event services for many years, and we can answer any questions you have about your upcoming event, festival, or project.

Special Event Trailers from Got To Go Solutions

Our special event trailers are clean, spacious, and ideal for keeping equipment secure during your event, as well as perfect for providing space to conduct work during construction projects or other events.

We provide special event trailer rentals to commercial, industrial, and consumer projects, and we’d love to help you with your future event in greater Fort Worth, or any of the communities we service across West Texas. Contact us today for information and a quote on our special event trailer rentals.

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