5 Important Questions to Ask Before Renting a Portable Restroom

Porta Potties for Events

Renting a portable toilet is a decision that many large-scale event planners need to consider. However, this is not a process as simple as picking up the phone and ordering a porta potty. Find out the top questions that you should be asking before you decide to go with a porta potty rental company.

1. What Makes This Porta Potty Special?

Your event is going to be unique. Therefore, the porta potty that you order needs to be classy enough to provide restroom services for your guests. Before you confirm the order from a porta potty rental company, find out what amenities come with your toilet rental that will keep your guests comfortable. Some specialty amenities that you should look for include:

  • Hand Washing Station
  • Toilet Paper Refills
  • Multiple Stalls (Portable Restroom Trailers)
  • Soap
  • Sanitizer

Remember, amenities make or break the portable restroom experience. So, performing your research and having the right porta potty for your event is your best move.

2. How Many Do I Need?

This is the age-old question for all porta potty renters. When you are considering renting a portable restroom you need to consider two things:

  1. The size of your guest list
  2. The type of event that you are hosting

If you are simply hosting a birthday party at a park, you could get away with just a couple of standard restrooms. However, hosting a large wedding, you may either need multiple porta potties or a couple of larger scale restroom trailers to satisfy your event needs. Find out how many porta potties your need for your event

3. What is Included in My Rental?

Before you rent your toilets, you need to find out the types of services that your company provides for each event that it caters to. If you are hosting a large event or have a large construction then your order will most definitely have to come with services.  Services include delivery, installation, bulk water delivery, and removal of your portable restrooms.

4.  How Often Do They Need to Be Cleaned?

Just like any other restroom, porta potties need to be cleaned in order to ensure that customers are using them safely and properly. If your event is a short one, your restroom provider may actually empty the tank for you, but this is something that you will have to negotiate in the services when you talk to the rental business.

However, if you are hosting a longer event, or are renting for construction purposes, invest in some cleaning materials and plan out how often and how the tanks will be emptied. No one wants to use a dirty portable restroom.

5. What Can I Expect as Far as Hours From My Rental Company?

Your event may be going on long into the night and you may not want to keep the porta potties on site for longer than necessary. It’s always good to ask if your provider is available 24/7. Some companies do have an answering service that is available whenever the need for contact arises.

Got To Go Solutions Answers Your Rental Questions

If you are in need of a portable restroom rental that will keep your event classy, get in touch with Got To Go Solutions. We have an assortment of portable sanitation rentals that you can choose from in order to best accommodate your event. Contact us today for more information on our services.


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